Team Principle - Michael Tetley 'The Mini Enthusiast'

Being aged only 6, Michael is the youngest member of the club. Despite his tender years Michael has taken motorsport seriously and has grown a Jenson Button style beard. However following his first event he showed that his driving skills were on a par with the rest of the club remembers as he drove into a hole.....

Having achieved his long time ambition to touch a girls lady bossom, Mike now spends his time growing his hair and has been know to blow dry it. Looked a bit poncy though to be honest. Especially with the receeding frontal hair line.

When Mike isn't driving his mini into things he is partnered by his Nephew Josh, who uses his Traxxas to build his uncle at every event.

Car List (Items marked * are to be built or Restored) - A page will be added once complete


Mini Cooper

Vauxhall Astra

Mini Cooper Monte Carlo

 Mini RWD

BMW M Coupe *

Traxxas Rustler