Team Principal - Scott Lokie 'The perfectionist'

Wanted in 7 country's for severe Talbot Samba abuse and sandwich theft, Scott spends most of his time looking pink. Being an international male model keeps Scott busy, as does promoting his new range of carbon fibre G-strings and boob tubes. Being the first man to discover wood, made Scott a fortune which he later lost betting against the Harlem Globe Trotters. Every Thursday Scott runs through Harrogate wearing a toupe and a Girls Aloud T-shirt. Scott also believes he lives permanently in 1985, and has been wearing the same shirt for 25 years, although he has complained it's getting smaller.

On ocasion Scott is joined by his nephew, Daniel, who also goes by the name "Little Lokie". Daniel and Scott also shared the same views on lettuce and tomatoes.

The Car List

TA-03 - Sambasport Evolution

Kyosho Rocky

CEN Fun Factor

Venom Creeper Crawler

Honda Bike

TA-03 Twin


Fiat 500 Abarth

Hong Nor SCRT-10

Manta Ray